Review: An American In Paris (1951)

Our Gene Kelly movie reviews continue! Up next is An American In Paris (1951).

Jerry Mulligan (Kelly) and Adam Cook (Oscar Levant) are two Americans struggling to find work in Paris- one as an artist, the other as a pianist.  They are both friends with a well off performer named Henri Baurel (Georges Guétary) who is engaged to Lise (Leslie Caron).  Problem is that Jerry is also in love with Lise, but he doesn’t know she’s engaged.

The plot of this movie is more complicated to explain than it actually is.  When you see it portrayed on screen, it is pretty simple enough to follow.

Gene Kelly, as usual, does a great job.  He won a Golden Globe for his role.

Oscar Levant is great as the cynical pianist.  I enjoyed his dry humor.

The musical numbers are great- really creative, cute, and astounding.  The costumes in this movie were also very impressive, as were the sets.

I have to say, as great as An American In Paris is; it’s not my favorite movie ever.  This was the second Gene Kelly musical that I ever saw, and it just didn’t click.  I think it had something to do with the fact that I wasn’t that impressed with Leslie Caron’s performance.  I don’t think she had very good chemistry with Kelly.  Also, I thought her acting performance was bland, not that great.  She is a great dancer, though.

That’s just my opinion, however, and this movie did win six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

General consensus: it’s not the best, however it’s by no means terrible.  There are a lot of parts in this movie that I enjoy, one being the “I’ve Got Rhythm” sequence.  I encourage you to see for yourself!


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