Review: Empire Records (1995)

A sub par movie review in response to my sub par blogging skills!  But at least it’s something, right?

Over the weekend, my little sister made me sit down and watch this movie because she was convinced that I would love it so much.  I only relented because: 1) I haven’t watched a movie in quite some time, 2) she’s been begging me to watch this movie with her for months, and 3) I feel bad that I haven’t had the time for this blog as of recently.

Empire Records is about a bunch of kids that work in a record store.  One of the kids is given the responsibility of closing the store late at night.  He discovers that the store is in danger of becoming a chain music store and decides to take the profits made from that day (or week?) and go gambling in Atlantic City to win money to save the store.  He looses everything and now everybody has to figure out what they’re going to do to save Empire Records from being transformed into a chain store.

“Let’s go gamble the stores money in Atlantic City,” the stupid boy said.

That’s the general plot of the movie minus the focus on the plans to actually save the store, which are basically just thrown together at the end of the movie.  There was more emphasis put on the characters and their “inner-struggles” and teen angst.  Overall, the plot isn’t very solid.

The acting wasn’t terrible but not great either.  Sometimes it was so dramatic it was funny (when the situation is obviously not supposed to be).  For example, Liv Tyler’s character has a melt down which, I’m assuming is meant to make the viewer feel sympathy for her… Yeah, I busted out laughing at it.

All that being said, for what it was, Empire Records was entertaining.  I enjoy music and I enjoy the idea of music being able to bring people together, and sticking it to the man!


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